2011 IfA Annual Conference, Reading – Education and research in the sun and rain in the Yorkshire Dales
2011 CASPAR seminar, Institute of Archaeology, London – CASPAR’s future
2011 Engaging Places Partnerships Board – archaeology’s engagement with place
2010 TAG, Bristol – Local and national vying for attention in Southwark
2010 Heritage Alliance Policy Day, London – the future of heritage education
2010 HEA Graduate Teacher Training Day, York – lecturing to a class
2010 VCH County Societies Symposium – The future of adult education provision
2010 IfA, Southport – Tales of mystery and suspense
2009 Kineon 09, Brussels – Bonekickers: informing, educating, entertaining?
2009 CIA, Buxton – Opportunities for archaeology in education
2009 Roman Limes, Newcastle – Romanes eunt domus!
2009 Appropriating the Past, Durham University – Some ethical dilemmas of archaeology in public spaces
2009 Archaeology and Education, Barcelona – Friend or enemy? Community archaeology in the UK
2008 WAC-6, Dublin – empowering people through archaeology
2008 WAC-6, Dublin – post-processual or constructivist archaeology: excluding or including the public?
2008 IHR Public History, Liverpool – history as public space: an example in Southwark
2008 IFA, Swansea – future communities: the role of the voluntary sector in gathering archaeological information
2007 TAG, York – multiple voices, multiple pasts
2007 Heritage Link Networking Event, York – opportunities for heritage in current education initiatives
2007 IHR History and the Public, Swansea – multiple voices in the public past
2007 IFA Annual Conference, Reading – helping and sustaining community archaeology
2007 IHR Why History Matters, London – an archaeological perspective on why history matters
2006 HEA Diversity and the past, Manchester – the academy and the public
2006 Archaeology for All, Manchester – trends in public archaeology
2006 EH Your Place or Mine?, Manchester – National Archaeology Week
2006 IHR History and the Public, London – archaeology and the public
2006 BAJR annual conference, York – ever widening circles (public archaeology)
2006 World Cultural Heritage Symposium, Osaka – heritage through landscape
2006 WAC Intercongress, Osaka – archaeology and schools in the UK
2006 WAC Intercongress, Osaka – archaeology and education
2005 TAG, Sheffield – process and point of view in public archaeology
2005 SMA, Bristol – reaching out through archaeology
2005 HEA Learning and Teaching Workshop, Manchester – archaeology at 14-19
2005 World Heritage Education Forum, Newcastle – introduction
2005 World Heritage Education Forum, Newcastle – opportunities in the UK curriculum
2005 IHR History in British education, London – television archaeology: education or entertainment?
2004 Archaeology and education, Barcelona – archaeological education: an exercise in constructing the past
2004 IFA annual conference, Liverpool – archaeological education theory
2004 International Medieval Congress, Leeds – opportunities for medieval studies pre-18
2004 YAC Conference, York – archaeology and television
2004 YAC Conference, York – development of the alphabet
2004 World Heritage Sites, London – opportunities in the UK curriculum
2004 Scottish built environment review conference, Stirling – participating in the past
2003 Archaeology and Education, York – what does the future hold?
2003 YAC Conference, Bristol – a basic guide to flint artefacts
2003 World Heritage Sites, Durham – world heritage education principles and the UK curriculum
2003 IFA AGM, London – APPAG
2003 Congress of Independent Archaeologists, Sheffield – public participation in archaeology
2003 Field Studies Council annual conference, Isle of Wight – archaeology and the curriculum
2002 Ename Centre, Heritage, New Technologies and Local Development, Ghent – heritage education and training rapporteur
2001 Archaeology and education, Gunma, Japan – archaeological education in the United Kingdom
2001 IFA, Newcastle – the portrayal of archaeology on television
2001 CBA North West Education Conference, Liverpool – resources for teachers
2001 Congress of Independent Archaeologists, Nottingham
2000 Interrogating pedagogies, Lampeter – a review of archaeology in higher education
1999 York Archaeological Society – the past is too important to forget
1999 Cirencester College A level conference – archaeology and the community
1998 GEM North, South Shields – archaeology in the English national curriculum
1998 Thinking archaeology, Aberdeen – learning from, not about, the past
1997 SMA, Norwich – object lessons in the past
1997 IFA Conference, Manchester – the principles of handling sessions
1996 YAC Conference, Edinburgh – YAC and the curriculum
1995 YAC Conference, Woodstock – flint knapping
1994 Centre for English Cultural Tradition, Sheffield – hitting the targets
1994 GEM North seminar, Wakefield – museum education
1993 Yorkshire & Humberside Museums Council seminar, York – museum education policies
1991 GEM North seminar, Wakefield – monitoring and evaluation of education work
1989 British Association for the Advancement of Science, Sheffield – demonstration making stone tools
1988 Lithic Studies in the NE Midlands, Sheffield – breaking the stony silence
1987 Lithic Studies Society Flint Alternatives Workshop, Edinburgh – raw materials in County Waterford
1985 Sheffield University Archaeology Dept. Seminar – cores and effect
1984 TAG, Cambridge – behavioural variables and lithic scatters
1984 Archaeology in Education, Sheffield – making and using flint tools
1983 Oxford University, Oxford – Yorkshire flint exploitation
1983 Sheffield University Archaeology Dept. Seminar – flint; a stony silence
1982 TAG, Durham – flint exploitation in northern England
1981 Archaeology in Schools – stone implements

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