Letters and reviews

2008 ‘The Early English Settlement of Orkney and Shetland’, The Innes Review 59: 116-117
2008 ‘Building and better past, a response’, website of the HEA Academy Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology, http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/hca/resources/detail/building_a_better_past_a_response_by_don_henson
2006 review of ‘The story of Alderley Edge’, Internet Archaeology
2004 review of ‘London’s archaeological secrets’, History Today54: 5
2004 letter in History Today 54 (10): 63
2004 letter in BBC History Magazine 5 (10): 97
2002 letter in the Times Educational Supplement, 26 July 2002
1997 review of ‘A treasure hard to attain’, Viewfinder, 31: 1
1995 ‘Negative charge’, letter in Museums Journal, June 1995
1993 reply to Stephen Allen, GEM News 50: 18


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