Chapters in books

2011 ‘The educational purpose of archaeology: a personal view from the United Kingdom’, in A Matsuda & K Okamura (eds.) New perspectives in global public archaeology: 217-226, Springer
2011 ‘Does archaeology matter?’, in G Moshenska & S Dhanjal (eds.) Community archaeology: themes, methods and practices: 123-130, Oxford University Press
2010 ‘The academy and the public’, in I Russell & S Koerner (eds.) Unquiet pasts: risk society, lived cultural heritage, re-designing reflexivity: 209-222, Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate
2009 ‘What on earth is archaeology?’, in E Waterton & L Smith (eds.) Taking archaeology out of heritage: 117-135, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
2009 ‘Friend or enemy? Community archaeology in the United Kingdom’, in P Gonzalez Marcen Patrimoni, identitati ciutadania: un nou paper per a l’arqueologia i la historia, Treballs d’Arqueologia 15: 43-49, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
2009 ‘Bonekickers: informing, educating, entertaining?’, in S Lemaitre & C Schall How do the media represent archaeology, what is at stake?: 31-44 (with G Bailey & A Piccini)
2006 ‘Television archaeology: education or entertainment?’, Institute of Historical Research conference publications
2006 ‘The educational value of archaeology’, in J-C Marquet, C Pathy-Barker & C Cohen Archaeology and education: from primary school to university, British Archaeological Reports International Series (BAR S) 1505: 35-39, Archaeopress, Oxford (with A Bodley & M Heyworth)
2006 “Ever Widening Circles”, British Archaeological Jobs Resource, Conference Papers 2006
2006 ‘Education about heritage through archaeological landscapes in Britain’, in Discussing the cultural heritage in the world: towards the symbiosis of various cultures, World Archaeological Congress Symposium
2004 ‘Archaeology and education, an exercise in constructing the past’, in P Gonzalez Marcen Comunicar el passat. Creació i divulgació de l’arqueologia i de la història: 5-16
2002 ‘Opportunities for museums in archaeological education’, in P J Wise (ed) Public archaeology: remains to be seen: 46-51
2001 8 chapters, in V Pearson (ed) Teaching the past: a practical guide for archaeologists
2001 ‘Archaeology in higher education: a review’, in P Rainbird & Y Hamilakis (eds.) Interrogating pedagogies, BAR International Series 948: 45-48
1996 ‘A bronze age barrow at Hognaston, Derbyshire: the flints’, in J Barnatt & J Collis, Barrows in the Peak District, 164-165
1993 ‘The non-flint lithic finds’, in P Ellis (ed) 1993 Beeston Castle, Cheshire: a report on the
excavations 1968-85 by Laurence Keen & Peter Hough: 59-62
1989 ‘Away from the core? A northerner’s view of flint exploitation’, in I Brooks & P Phillips, Breaking the stony silence: papers from the Sheffield lithics conference 1988, BAR British Series 213, 5-31
1989 ‘Newton Cliffs: a flint-working and settlement site in the Trent Valley’, in P Phillips Archaeology and landscape studies in north Lincolnshire, BAR British Series 208 (ii), 81-180 (with D Garton and P Phillips)
1987 ‘Regional survey and the analysis of lithic scatters: a case study from south east Ireland’, in P Rowley-Conwy, M Zvelebil & H P Blankholm Mesolithic north west Europe: recent trends, 9-32, Sheffield University (with M Zvelebil, J Moore and S Green)


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