2015 Archaeology hotspot Great Britain, Rowman & Littlefield
2012 Doing archaeology, Routledge
2006 The origins of the Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Saxon Books
2001 The English elite in 1066: gone but not forgotten, Anglo-Saxon Books
1999 Guide to archaeology in higher education, CBA
1998 A guide to late Anglo-Saxon England, Anglo-Saxon Books
1996 Teaching archaeology: a United Kingdom directory of resources, CBA

2015 Managing archaeological heritage: public archaeology in Europe, Vest-Agder Museet (with G Sayej & Y F Willumsen)
2004 Education and the historic environment, Routledge (with P G Stone & M Corbishley)
1997 Archaeology in the English national curriculum, CBA

Schools resources
2015 Star Carr schools resource pages, University of York,
1992 Sandal Castle teaching pack, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

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