Committee for Audio-Visual Education in archaeology (Chair since 1995), 1994-2010
Humanities Diploma Delivery Advisory Group, 2009
Engaging Places Partnerships and Strategy Board, 2008-2011
Humanities Diploma Development Partnership, Subject Associations Group, 2008-2009
Heritage Education Group, 2007-20-11
Learning Outside the Classroom Advisory Group (Chair), 2006-2011
Nautical Archaeology Society Education and Training Board, 2006-2008
England’s Past for Everyone Education Advisory Panel, 2006-2008
DfES Learning Outside the Classroom Advisory Group, 2006-2008
DCMS Engaging Places National Steering Group, 2006-2008
AQA History Question Paper Evaluation Committees for AS/A level, 2005-2008
Heritage Link Inclusion Advisory Group (Co-Chair), 2003-2011
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Humanities Expert Panel, 2003-2008
Qualifications and Curriculum Authority History Subject Associations, 2001-2008
Higher Education Academy Archaeology Advisory Panel, 2000-2011
IFA Professional Training Committee, 2000-2011
AQA History and Archaeology Subject Committee, 1994-2008
DCMS Engaging Places Yorkshire Regional Advisory Panel (Chair), 2006-2007
GCSE history pilot management board, 2005-2007
Inclusive, Accessible Archaeology Steering Group, 2005-2007
Post-JACBEE Steering Group (Joint Advisory Committee on Built Environment Education), 2005-2006
Judging Panel of the History Today New Generation Book Award, 2004-2006
GCSE hybrid history development panel, 2003-2004
Learning and the Built Environment Advisory Panel, 2001-2003
Qualifications and Curriculum Authority GCSE Accreditation Panel, 2000
Qualifications and Curriculum Authority A level Assessment Panel, 1997-1999
Eton Rowing Lake Advisory Panel, 1995-1996


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