Here is a simple list of my favourite beers. They are listed by brewery, name, (beer style), % alcohol.
Of these, absolutely the best beer bar none that I have ever drunk is the Westvleteren 8; a beer of the gods.

Abbey Bells, Black Satin (Stout), 6.2
Acorn, Old Moor (Porter), 4.4
Barnfield, Farmers Stout, 4.5
Bateman’s, Salem Porter, 4.7
Brains, SA (Best Bitter), 4.2
Brains, Dark (Mild), 3.5
Cropton, Blackout (Porter), 5
Crown, Stannington Stout, 5
Darwin, Java Jolt (Stout), 5.2
Dunham Massey, Porter, 5.2
Fuller’s, London Porter, 5.4
Greene King, Abbot (Strong Bitter), 5
Hambleton, Nightmare (Porter), 5
Haworth Steam, Ironclad 957 (Stout), 4.3
Highgate, Old Ale, 5.3
Hopback. Entire Stout, 4
Hopback, Summer Lightning (Golden), 5
Marble, Chocolate Stout, 5.5
Mighty Oak, Triple Dick Porter, 4.5
Moorhouse’s, Pendle Witches’ Brew (Strong Bitter), 5.1
Nethergate, Umbel Magna (Porter), 5
Orkney, Dark Island (Scottish Ale), 4.6
RCH, Old Slug Porter, 4.5
Rochefort, 8 (Belgian), 9.2
Saltaire, Hazelnut Coffee Porter, 4.6
St Bernadus, Pater 6 (Belgian), 6.7
St Peter’s, Old Style Porter, 5.1
Straffe Hendrik, Bruin (Belgian Brown), 8.5
Traditional Scottish Ales, Glencoe Wild Oat Stout, 4.5
Westvleteren, 8 (Belgian), 8
Wickwar, Mr Perrett’s Traditional Stout, 5.9

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