Excavation and survey

Star Carr excavation (under Nicky Milner) 2014-2015
Upper Wharfedale excavation and landscape survey (with Roger Martlew), 1993-2013
Wakefield field-walking survey (with Wakefield Archaeological Society), 1992-1994
Bally Lough Archaeological Project, Ireland, excavation, field-walking, finds (under Marek Zvelebil), 1984-1989
Hoe Hill, Lincolnshire, excavation (under Pat Phillips), 1984-1985
Hognaston, Derbyshire, excavation and finds (under John Collis), 1983
Totana, Spain, field survey (under Clay Mathers), 1981
Sheffield Manor, excavation (under Pauline Beswick), 1978
Newton Cliffs, Nottinghamshire, excavation and finds (under Pat Phillips), 1977
Oronsay, Scotland, excavation (under Paul Mellars), 1977
Holne Moor, Dartmoor, excavation (under Andrew Fleming), 1976-1977


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