Nihon ni iru no wa sugokatta desu

Slept well after 23 hours travelling back from Japan. Had a wonderful week there in Osaka seeing Japanese archaeology. Met with friends Yozo Akayama and Katsuyuki Okamura who were as generous with their time as ever. Met Oki Nakamura who I am looking forward to working with next year. Saw some wonderful units and museums, and enjoyed exploring the differences and similarities between our two ways of organising archaeology. Travelled with Sophie Jackson from MOLA who was great fun and very interesting as I don’t have the unit experience that she has. We got taken to some really interesting excavations and museums – Hyogo and Osaka museums are so good. The temples and gardens were just beautiful and inspiring. Oh, and the food was as wonderful as ever, and the weather was really hot – like a proper summer. I can’t leave it another six years before I go again, and I must do something to improve my Japanese language skills – I said to one nice Japanese archaeologist that she was delicious when I meant to say she was very kind!


About donhenson

I am freelance consultant archaeologist specialising in public archaeology, interpretation, education and the media.
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2 Responses to Nihon ni iru no wa sugokatta desu

  1. sherdnerdess says:

    So was that ‘oishii’ instead of ‘yasashii’ (or kirei) ? I’m sure I did something like that in my oral exam in June. Hehe.

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