EAA session – Public appropriations of archaeologists’ narratives

Some snippets that stuck in my mind from the archaeological narratives session at the EAA conference last week in Helsinki. A session that made me think.

1. Must read Latour on the idea that scholars keep a monopoly on the ‘truth’ out of fear of mob rule.

2. Also look up Stephanie Moser’s 4 concepts of illustration: stereotyping, longevity, authenticity and staging.

3. Think about the conflict between aesthetics and information.

4. Continue my reading about the nature of journalistic narratives and the independence of the journalist from what they write about.

5. The archaeologist as facilitator is not the same as the archaeologist as mediator.

6. The whole world is an appropriation and recreation of the past.

7. How can we get more fun into archaeological interpretation?

8. Does it matter if folk enjoy an archaeological landscape without understanding or even recognising it?

9. Our own poorly defined and used terminologies enable others to misuse what we write.


About donhenson

I am freelance consultant archaeologist specialising in public archaeology, interpretation, education and the media.
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