Olympic mayhem

OK, time to get this off my chest.

I applaud the athletes and their commitment, and wish them well. But –

I detest the over-hyped, multi-million pound extravaganza, corporate marketing and press feeding frenzy that is the modern Olympics. I also hate the fact that it has come to the UK! It siphoned off money that could have been more profitably used elsewhere. It is also the London Olympics, not the UK Olympics – in spite of token events elsewhere in the country. Something like 70% of the financial gain of the event will be in London and the South East, already the wealthiest part of the UK. The gains for the rest of the country will be minimal. The long term legacy for ordinary folk in London will also be slight. I have already read that those to be building houses on the site for the future are back-sliding about the amount of social housing they will have to provide.

I will watch selected sports that interest me and hope to see excellent, drug-free performances. But the rest of it – please leave me alone!

About donhenson

I am freelance consultant archaeologist specialising in public archaeology, interpretation, education and the media.
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